Микро-дозатор SGD-Micro

Дополнительная информация:
■ Feature

• Small Dose Accuracy
With accuracy of up to a single pellet, the patented small dose gravimetric feeder uses a single vibrating channel to accurately and consistently deliver the correct dose.

• Easy Calibration & Less Maintenance
Calibration and maintenance time is reduced as the single channel is used for nearly all additives, handles wide range of feed rates and is easily cleaned between jobs.

• Nearly All Types of Additives
Pellets Several types of regrinds Several types of powders Micro-granules.

• Full Automatic control
Small product manufacturers no longer can finally take a break from manual mixing, difficult calibration, product rejects and over-consumption of masterbatch additive.


■ Application

The small dose gravimetric feed is applicable to small dosage weighing and mixing on the small product line.


Модель SGD-Micro
Hopper cc 550
Output Range g/min ≤40
Dosing Technique Vibration system
Controller Separate unit with touch screen display
Weight Resolution g 0.1
Loader Optional integrated Venturi loader
Mooting & Feeding Via neckpiece adapter, directly into machine throat
Alarm Output N/O, dry contact
Weight kg 7.8
Power 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 20V/A
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